Give Black Canyon Bakehouse a try and you will never want anything else.

Fresh bread and rolls

Everyone loves the smell of fresh baked bread. Black Canyon Bakehouse creates delicious, handmade bread and rolls fresh each day. Whether you need rolls, croissants, or good old-fashioned French bread, Black Canyon Bakehouse has you covered.

Cakes &

Cakes for Every Occasion!! Don’t wait for the next birthday to indulge in a luscious Black Canyon Bakehouse Cake or Cupcakes: Our bakehouse customers have relied on us for years to provide decadent treats for every special occasion: office parties, going-away parties, anniversaries, graduation, and the like.

Donuts and sweet snacks

Have a sweet tooth? Craving a snack? You have come to the right place. Scholars Bakehouse on the Square creates some of the best and tastiest treats on the planet. Choose from our Specialty donuts, ice cream, or our famous cinnamon rolls.